Making Clinical Research available for everyone


We are a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with comprehensive clinical research service offerings, a front runner in recruiting and retaining patients from diverse backgrounds. Specialized in selecting high performing clinical research sites. We are leaders in our field with over 10 years of experience in several therapeutic areas. With international presence, ethical compliance, strong regulatory track record, a robust quality data capture and clinical research management framework, aligned with the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH).

Our mission

To be the company that generates more value to the research of pharmaceutical products in the world through human talent and state-of-the-art technologies.

Our vision

Over the next 5 years we plan to consolidate our position as the international experts in clinical research, applying cutting edge technology developments in the drug research process for the benefit of mankind.

We walk hand-in-hand with sponsors

Our motivation stems from the desire of improving life quality, health and welfare. Integrated by highly qualified team with solid ethical values. With extensive experience in clinical research, pharmaceutical and life sciences.


Meet Our Clinical Research Experts

Marco Antonio Cid López   CEO 
Lover of innovation and a tireless dreamer, always at the forefront seeking to promote the health of human beings, Marco firmly believes in Mexico as a world player in the development and research of new therapeutic options.

Biologist pharmaceutical chemist

Universidad la salle 


Clinical research professional

Society of Clinical Research Associates 


Master in Business Administration


PG in clinical research

York College


Business Management

IPADE innoVADE program


Senior Management

IPADE innoVADE program

Expert in drug research and development, Entrepreneur and founder of several for profit and nonprofit associations, developer of a private equity investment company.

Carmen de la Rocha, PhD   Research and Development Director 
Driven to achieve new success in clinical research putting the well-being of others before her own creating a different kind of strength that will endure throughout life and beyond.

Ph.D. in Biotechnology

Masters in Biochemical Engineering

More than eleven years of experience in clinical research and basic science, with 8 publications in indexed international journals. Excellent research capacity, design of experiments, data analysis and results reporting.

Carolina Gómez, MSc   Director of Clinical Operations
A true devotee of the well being of others deeply involved without limits, prejudices and conditions. with a compassionate mind and more sense of concern for others is her main source of happiness

Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Clinical Senior Research Associate performing monitoring tasks and visits for designated projects according to relevant SOPs, study specific procedures and Latin American regulation, for Phase III and Phase IV clinical trials. Extensive experience implementing research site activities, research site contracts, ethical and regulatory submission, review and finalization of essential documents. experience in Coordination and preparing resources for clinical trials.

Claudia Mejía, PhD   Research and Development Analyst 
Dedicated to innovation, believes that the best leaders are those who serve others, willing to make a difference, who is never about the role but always about the goal.

Ph.D in Biosystematics, Ecology and Management of Natural and Agricultural Resources / with knowledge  in Biotic Products.

Masters in Environmental Sciences / with knowledge in Environmental Technology.

Extensive experience in proposing and developing innovative research projects. 11 publications in national and international indexed journals. Has participated in more than 40 national and international scientific dissemination conferences. currently working as a Research and Development Analyst at Drox Health Science.

Wendy López, PhD   Research and Development Analyst 
Dreamer who dwells on endless possibilities, always inspired by contributing to the well-being of human beings who continually seek an alternative way to improve their quality of life.

Ph.D in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Masters in Molecular Biology

More than six years of experience in molecular biology, Immunology, Biochemistry and Proteomic. knowledge in the development and validation of medical devices, . High capacity for standardization and validation of immunoassays, analysis and writing scientific articles and data analysis.with five publications in indexed journals

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